My Story

I am a Level 2 Karuna Reiki© certified practitioner who has dedicated her life to holistic health and self-betterment. My healing journey began in my early 20's, when I began experiencing health complications that conventional approaches could not remedy. I embarked on a quest to heal my body, becoming very drawn to yoga and the physical, mental and spiritual support that it brought me. 


Over time, and determined to dig deeper, I enrolled in the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to further my understanding of holistic health. Through this highly informative program, I was introduced to the world of energy medicine, which completely hooked me. I stumbled upon Reiki unexpectedly, but as I had more sessions and experiences, I began to understand how sensitive I was to the energies around me and how deeply supportive energetic practices were for me.


I continue to incorporate these practices into my life daily, whether through yoga, meditation, qi gong, or self-Reiki practice, I truly believe that we can only show up in the world as the best version of us when we commit to our own self-care and healing. With that in mind, I would love to support you on your journey! 


My Approach

As someone who has spent years on my own holistic healing journey, I have put focus on all aspects of my health. From learning about the power of a healthy diet, to including a fitness and yoga routine to support my physical, mental and spiritual health, to attending therapy in order to gain more awareness about myself and improve my relationships. You may be someone who has done it all as well, or someone who is at the beginning of their journey.


I can truly say that Reiki is an amazing complementary therapy to any treatment, plan or lifestyle. Its gentle, non-invasive approach balances the body in all areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. From an energetic perspective, Reiki has many similarities to modalities such as acupuncture, as it is also based on the belief that energy runs through our body via meridians and is stored in our chakras. When all these channels are open, our energy can flow easily, like a river, and we feel like we are in vibrant health. But, when there is a blockage, the energy may accumulate in certain areas and yet be depleted in others, leaving us feeling imbalanced and unwell.


The Reiki practitioner supports their client in clearing these blockages and allowing optimal energy flow, which leads  to an overall feeling of well-being. From a more scientific perspective, this can be explained as putting the body in a parasympathetic (rest and repair) state, which allows it to do the work it needs to heal and find balance. The practitioner is truly the support system to your body's own natural ability to repair, regenerate and rebalance. Reiki can help support people with a broad range of issues, including:

*Stress/burnout, fatigue




*Physical pain


*Interpersonal and personal challenges

*Inner child work

Each person's story is unique and so the outcome of each Reiki session will be as well.