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My Story

Welcome to my page! I am the owner of Spheres of Light Healing, a Reiki Level 2 Usui/Holy Fire Ⓡ Reiki Practitioner and elementary school teacher. I began to follow a holistic healing path in 2015 and was inspired to attend a holistic nutrition institution from which I graduated in 2017 as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. It was there that I discovered Reiki for the first time and was deeply moved by the energetic shift I encountered within, after each Reiki session. 

After facing a trauma in my life, and finding that none of my usual methods of healing were bringing any relief, I turned to energy healing, particularly Reiki, for support. I was surprised and immensely relieved that each Reiki session gifted me with the release of intense feelings and emotions and brought me back into a more calm, balanced and joyful state. 

Upon experiencing the tremendous benefits of Reiki, I was inspired to seek out a Reiki Master and teacher to begin my learning and attunement process in order to give Reiki to myself and loved ones. I have since felt called to share Reiki with every living being in need. I continue to learn from some of the most gifted Reiki Masters and also regularly receive Reiki in order to continue my healing and growth journey.

In addition to Reiki and holistic health, I am passionate about crystal healing and love educating kids on the healing power of both crystals and energy medicine. 

I strongly believe that we are all the heroes of our healing journey. We all hold the innate capacity to bring about change and lead the life we deserve - it is never too late to begin! I would be honoured to facilitate your journey.


What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee), translated to mean “spiritually guided life force energy”, is an amazing complementary therapy to any treatment, plan or lifestyle. Its gentle, non-invasive approach balances the body in all areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is founded upon the idea that our bodies all hold life energy. In China, this life energy is called chi, in Japan it is known as ki, in India it is called prana, while in the Western world, we call it biofield energy.


This energy runs through our bodies via mediums called meridians, nadis and chakras.  When all these pathways and channels are open, our energy can flow easily, like a river, and we are in vibrant health. But, when there is a blockage, the energy will become imbalanced, leading to a disruption of our life force and overall feelings of unwellness. This can manifest as lack of sleep, feelings of anxiety, depression and irritation, and ultimately the diminishing function of our organs and physical body.


As a Reiki practitioner, I support you in clearing blockages and restoring optimal energy flow, which leads  to an overall feeling of balance and well-being. Reiki can help support people with a broad range of issues, including:

*Stress/burnout, fatigue



*Grief and trauma

*Chronic pain 

*Post-surgery recovery

*Interpersonal and personal challenges

*Supporting the transition process of terminally ill individuals


Each Reiki session is truly unique and provides your body with the support and healing that it needs at that time, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or a combination of all! 

You will leave feeling more balanced, relaxed, calm, aligned, inspired and with a feeling of love in your heart! 

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