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Spheres of Light

Reiki and Energy Healing Sessions


About Me

Welcome to my page! I am the owner of Spheres of Light Healing, a Reiki Level 2 Usui/Holy Fire Ⓡ Reiki Practitioner and elementary school teacher. I began to follow a holistic healing path in 2015 and was inspired to attend a holistic nutrition institution from which I graduated in 2017 as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. It was there that I discovered Reiki for the first time and was deeply moved by the energetic shift I encountered within, after each Reiki session. 


"At any given moment, your body possesses all the wisdom required to promote healing. All you need to do is listen."

Lisa, Reiki and Holistic Practitioner

My Offerings


One on One Reiki Session

All in-person sessions are done as the client lays relaxed on a massage table. Through the gentle practice of Reiki I will use my hands, while going through a sequence of positions, either on or above your body, to restore balance to your energetic field. In addition, each session incorporates a combination of chakra, aura and crystal healing, as well as sharing of all intuitive information that is revealed. 

Distance Reiki Session

Distance sessions are available for clients who live in other parts of the world or would prefer to receive Reiki from the comfort of their own home. The session is conducted in the same way as an in person session. Here, I will either conduct the session on camera with you via Zoom as you lay relaxed, or independently, after which we will reconnect so I can provide supportive feedback. 

Animal Reiki 

I have combined my love for animals with my passion for reiki to offer animal reiki. Animals have energetic bodies and chakras, just like humans and often respond to reiki even more quickly than humans. Reiki can be beneficial for animals in easing anxiety and trauma, alleviating chronic pain or pain from injuries, post-surgery recovery, and end of life support. 


I've had the pleasure of working with Lisa on a few occasions now and each time, I have found her to be equally caring, calming and professional at each engagement. Her soft-spoken nature immediately puts you at ease and she eagerly welcomes questions about her practice and provides insightful and thought-provoking feedback. Lisa is inherently intuitive and empathetic; essential qualities for a Reiki practitioner, and she emits such positive energy that I always leave our sessions feeling significantly lighter, both emotionally and physically. 

Samantha C.

My in-person sessions with Lisa have been focused and peaceful. I went from feeling uneasy beforehand to calm and open throughout my entire body afterwards. It's as though a weight had been lifted, and the insightful information she delivered post-session gave me an understanding of my energy. Working with Lisa has given me a way of connecting to my mind and body and has been a beautiful addition to my other self care work. I look forward to continuing my journey with her and I encourage anyone who's interested in feeling their best to have a session with her! 

Jenna K. 

Lisa's Reiki sessions are great! She brings a very calm energy and guides you through the process, which is essential in the case that you've never done Reiki before. One of the times I went to see her, it was a very stressful period for me (work, personal, etc) and I had a constant discomfort/pain in my right arm. Lo and behold, the day after having a session with Lisa the pain had simply disappeared, and I felt more at ease and less stressed. I highly recommend Lisa's Reiki services (in-person or distance). Her professionalism, warmth and understanding makes you feel welcomed and in good hands. Lisa is just that - a rare find, and I highly recommend her! 

Amanda L. 

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899A Lake Drive East, Jackson's Point, Ontario 

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